A year is a long time in dance music… It is though all that was needed for Dmitry ‘Bobina’ Almazov’s radio show Russia Goes Clubbing to become a Federation-wide phenomenon…

RGC is now broadcast every week across the titan DFM network, which is made up of over 50 station affiliates covering every major city in Russia. It can now be heard each week from Vladivostok to Moscow, from Omsk to Orel and from the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Ocean. Becoming the Federation’s most influential dance radio show, Russia Goes Clubbing is also now well on its way to becoming one of its most recognized dance brands.

Where did the nickname Bobina come from?

Actually Bobina means Real2Real in Russian! Big tapes!

Can you tell us a bit about your journey into the music industry?

It was quite quick I have to say! Usually all my quick decisions during my life are lucky! I just listened to 1 trance tune and decided to start produce music, and then to start deejaying

What was the first trance song you ever heard?

Armin van Buuren “Communication”

What genres of music are currently in the mainstream in Russia?

For me its hard to say nowdays.. I’m in Russia far not every day plus usually in Russia I work and do not listen to radio too much! But I know for sure that trance music’s getting bigger and bigger

How many hours per week do you spend in the studio?

Well, it depends… sometimes it could be whole week from Monday till Friday. Sometimes – 1 day a week to record my radioshow. But I have studio in my homeplace in Moscow.

Approximately how many tracks did you initially sort through before selecting the final tracks for the Russia Goes Clubbing 2010 compilation?

As I remember it was around 20. Usually I try to select 20 tunes and then see how it goes.

What technique did you use to mix the compilation?

Just a computer with software.

How do your track lists for the Russia Goes Clubbing compilations differ from your radio show broadcasts?

Well – imo Russia Goes Clubbing 2010 its kinda ‘best of’ Russia Goes Clubbing radioshow in last 1-2 months. Its different as its trancey while in radioshow I sometimes play really various electronic music – not always trance.

When do you anticipate working on your next artist album?

I’m working on it now. At the moment its hard to say when the album will be done as I have less and less time to produce music from year to year unfortunately. But I hope I will finish it beginning of next year!

Can you tell us about any upcoming releases on World Club Music?

We have a lot of deals with various labels at the moment – so really a lot of music we release for Russia. Armada, Anjunabeats, Black Hole etc etc – all their releases come out for Russia via WCM!

In 2010 you finally made it over to the US with dates in New York, DC, and San Francisco just to name a few. Can you share the details of your adventure here in the US?

USA is one of my fav. Countries in the world – especially California. It will be really too long to speak about it – u’d better go to ! 3rd episode is dedicated to my last USA trip (and 1st one as well). Its always better to see than to read isn’t it?

In a recent interview you strongly advised up and coming producers not to work with anyone that they don’t trust. Are you speaking from personal experience?

Hm not really – I just have some rules for myself which I follow all my life.. and that’s why I shared this feeling in the interview as I honestly think like this. If to see people I work with at the moment – its people I know for many many years already – and I 100% trust them.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Usual things – have fun with girlfriend, travel sometimes, watch DVD’s (don’t really watch TV btw) or go to the cinema maybe. Don’t think I surprised you much

Are many of your friends involved in the Electronic Music scene?

Well yeah I know a lot of people from industry who I can call ‘my friend’ – so..yes

What is your favorite brand of Vodka ?

Not a big fan of Vodka, sorry! I really like Jack Daniels whiskey – its far not the most expensive whiskey but it has really special taste – especially when you mix it with Coca-Cola.

In regards to nightlife, what is the hottest club in Russia at the moment, and please tell us a bit about it?

I think its Moskva club in Kemerovo – that’s why it’s the only club in Russia I go often (once in 3 months). For me ‘good club’ is always the mix of good DJ equipment (for Russia its actual thing hehe – not every club has DJM-800 yet!!!), great crowd, lights, sound etc. So in Kemerovo (its Siberia) – this mix is perfect…and yes – might the most hottest girls in Russia are there as well! haha

Are there any other projects you are currently working on?

Well lets count.. Bobina music production, Russia Goes Clubbing radioshow, Bobina TV, Bobina Management sometimes – so that’s the main 4 projects!

Do you have any comments for your fans?

Thanks for reading and yes – wish you to enjoy your favorite music in your favorite places, doesn’t matter where you are!

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This post originally appeared on Electronic Nightlife, now a part of beatcue.

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